Uh Yeah First Post Yeah

Welp. Here goes! First post!

I am a new group fitness instructor and have really enjoyed creating classes and playlists for the participants in class. I really like getting to know everyone and watching people work hard. It’s inspiring! I’m still trying to figure out how to effectively teach and lead the classes. How hard to you push people? When everyone is dripping in sweat, how do you know if they are “enjoying” the workout? How often do you cue someone to make a correction? (If someone would rather do squats with a hunched back, eventually, I guess I should let it go…?)

Anyway. I like trying to be creative and thinking about new ways to keep class fresh.

Today’s class was all about quick transitions.

We started with a quick cardio circuit and then a round of strength circuits. Then we kicked it up a notch and did two rounds of circuits – boom baby – and then a round of strength circuits again. [Disclaimer: When I say “we” that actually means “everyone but me.” I’m on a temporary workout sabbatical since I injured my foot but one day when I say “we” that will actually include me.]

I’ll keep ya posted.

I think my favorite part – in my very humble, humble opinion and aside from getting to know the people in class – was the music.

Group Fitness Playlist 11 7 13

Since I couldn’t do too much in the way of exercise, my shoulders felt like they had to do something and couldn’t. stop. bouncing (at least, hopefully, with the beat)… kind of in the same way my that my fingers started snapping. Can’t. Stop.

Anywho… thanks for stopping by! I hear Taylor’s cooking up a storm in Colorado!


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