Cookin’ in Colorado


I’m checking in to say:

a) Hi!

b) Em and I are so excited about this blog we can’t hardly stand it. We’ve been talking/dreaming about it for weeks and finally just bit the bullet and went for it. (So you’ll have to bear with us as we navigate the blogging world and find our “voices” :))

c) I have some yummy recipes to share so let’s get to it shall we?

Little background info: I just recently moved to Colorado (from my parents house in NC) which has been both incredible and challenging. One of the most drastic lifestyle changes has occured in the financial department. (Goodbye to no rent + Mom and Dad’s food, Hello to paying for everything and being an adult) That being said, I’ve been trying to get creative with what I eat while keeping it all in my budget. This past weekend I borrowed a friends crockpot and decided to try out a few new-to-me ingredients and recipes.

I started off Thursday night by making this chili. I didn’t follow that recipe exactly..but it’s where I got my inspiration. (One of the things I’m seriously lacking in moving out here is spices…I know I would only have to buy them once but it just seems overwhelming to constantly be buying spices so lots of times I just leave them out…I am not suggesting you do this, just keepin’ it real)

SO I put the pork in the crock pot with salt/pepper/brown sugar and let it cook on low over night. When I woke up in the morning before work, I shredded the pork with a fork — super easy — and poured the other ingredients and spices I had on hand into the pot and left it all day Friday while I was at work on low. It really made a decent amount of chili, y’all. Like I think I’ll have it through this week!

I added some zucchini, corn, and okra to it because I had some on hand and I like vegetables. Since I made this, I’ve eaten it like traditional chili: with chips, greek yogurt, cilantro, cheese, etc. AND listen to this..yesterday..I put it in an omelette.


I know that sounds so weird. You can judge me. But it was good.

All weird combos aside…this is definitely a keeper of a recipe!

Saturday morning the cooking continued! I made my first spaghetti squash that actually worked! Emily talked me through I cannot even take an ounce of credit for the method. But the follow through I can 😉

She told me to cut it in half (arm workout) and scoop the seeds out. Then you fill the halves with water and set them face up on a cookie sheet in the oven at 375 until the insides are soft. Here are some pictures to help with all you visual peeps like me!


 While the squash was cooking, I saved the seeds from the middle..kind of had to sift through the other squishy yellow stuff to get them fresh-n-clean. But once I rinsed them, I dried them, sprayed them with coconut oil, and a (generous) sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. Such a yummy, crunchy snack!


 Finally, the squash was done and look out spaghetti-ish it looks!!


You don’t have to tell me how awesome it is. I already bragged to 3 people about it.

After finishing this batch of squash, I immediately dug into a bowl. (duh) It’s so tasty you guys. I won’t lie to’s no spaghetti. So don’t be expecting noodles. But it is very good. Give it a whirl!

I also made this chicken salad. But because I’m not patient and incredibly selfish…I did not take a picture, or even think of taking a picture until it was already down the ole chute. It was so good though, so I’m sure I’ll be making it again and that time I promise I’ll take a picture.

OK so…if you have made it this far in such a rambly (is that a word?) first post…I salute you. Takeaway points from the randomness: The crock pot can make some mean chili, chicken, and pork. Spaghetti squash is easy when you follow the Emily Method. And cooking food for yourself (that you actually like) can save money.

Ta ta for now 🙂


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