Routine Lover(s)

Taylor and I love to talk about how we love things that are familiar or people that just know you. It’s nice to have a routine and go-to things that you can count on. Often, routines are time savers. Think what would  happen if we had to make a new decision for everything we did… like if we didn’t have that favorite restaurant, or favorite kind of peanut butter. Every decision would be BIG. What would happen if we couldn’t fall back on a few steady, always-there-for-you options?  Personally, I know I wouldn’t get anything done, too many options to weigh. Routines can be great but – you knew it was coming – routines can also prohibit adventure and spontaneity. What am I getting at here? A big trip to mix things up? A new job? No, friends. It’s much simpler…


and more specifically…


I (I think I can toss Taylor on this bandwagon with me) We love oats. I have some variation of oats each morning for breakfast. Hello, routine. Usually, I have old fashioned oats with almond milk, topped with peanut butter and some kind of berries. As much as I love this, I woke up this morning wanting something more. Craving an “adventure” (I need to get out more, that’s fo’ sho) did a little research and found a oatmeal variation that got me out of bed and to the grocery store. I was motivated.

Anyway, I loosely followed this recipe (added berries) and made baked oatmeal!

It started like this


and 50 minutes later, looked a little like this 🙂


I’m also happy to report that this is quite versatile. Feel free to have it for breakfast but please, don’t hold back on serving it up nice and pretty with a scoop (or two) of ice cream.


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