Small Obedience

Um, can we all just say “YUUUUMMMM” to Emily’s last post?

I love those pictures and may or may not have begged her to send some to Colorado. (it would totally make it here and still be edible, right?)

I feel like that dish should be served on a lazy Saturday morning with big mugs of coffee (or Chai Tea Latte’s Em) and nothing on the agenda but relaxation. 🙂

Lately my days have looked pretty much the opposite of that…well except for this:


Sorry, done bragging..but seriously that right up there keeps me sane 🙂

I’m currently working at a software company here as an administrative assistant for the IT, Support, and Professional Services departments. Staying busy is not hard when you answer to three different managers! At first, I was feeling useless because I was new and had nothing to that I’ve been here a few months I barely have time to sit down. (In fact, I was supposed to post this yesterday..but did not get home until 6) Lately, I’ve found myself feeling like the tasks I’m assigned are petty and insignificant. Now, granted, I’m not planning on being an assistant my whole life. In fact I really only anticipate doing this until I’ve been here a year and have gained residency so I can go to Nursing School. BUT..this is where I am for now.

I’ve been convicted recently that I deem certain jobs “worthy” and others “unworthy.” I’m even embarrassed to say the same pride that exists in my job has permeated into relationships. I’ve started creating mental hierarchies of how I spend my time and with whom I spend it with and who/what is most deserving.

I read a book a while back by Kathleen Norris called The Quotation Mysteries and this one line really stuck with me.

“Both laundry and worship are repetitive activities with a potential for tedium, and I hate to admit it, but laundry often seems more useful of the tasks. Both are the work that God has given us to do.”

Laundry and worship. Both are things God has given us to do. Creating excel spreadsheets and early morning devotions..both are things God’s given me to do.

It’s a choice to ask Jesus to be the lense in which we see all these things. We can choose faithfulness and obedience in the small, seemingly mundane, boring, tasks. There’s something amazing that happens to my heart when I am resting in the Providence of God. It frees me to have joy (read: not necessarily  happiness) as I prepare coffee in the mornings for our customers. It gives me the capacity to extend patience as I fight (and usually lose) battles with my computer. It gives me courage to stand firm in the Truth when other things fight for my attention. I think I tend to focus so heavily on the mountain tops and valley’s of my life..without addressing the “in between.”

There’s humility to be learned in the small obedience. It’s doing things we know are right even when we don’t feel like it. Sometimes we workout in the morning when it’s the last thing we want to do. We make healthy choices because we know it’s best for our bodies. We make (harder) decisions in the present because we’ve seen the positive results later. Choosing to Trust and Obey God in small tasks have an even greater (the Greatest) reward; better than anything we could achieve on earth.

I’m praying and hoping that I can choose to be faithful in the little things. Because practicing with the little things, may mean that I can be faithful in the bigger things.

Happy Wednesday, y’all 🙂


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